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Mountain Do

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The Mountain Do is an event of mountain races pioneer in Brazil, inspired in the fusion of popular street races with traditional European races of the Swiss, Italian and French Alps, in the 90’s. In Brazil, it’s a race between natural trails and mountains, integrating nature, challenges and overcoming, in individual or relay modalities, whose distances vary among 5 and 65 km and happen in the main touristic Brazilian cities and also:

Atacama Desert - Chile

Ushuaia - Patagonia - Argentina

Sacred Valley - Cusco - Peru

Sahara Desert - Marocco

The first edition of Mountain Do happened in 2004, with a relay race around the Lagoa da Conceição, in Santa Catarina. There was a raise of more than 50% in the number of inscriptions at the second edition, in 2005. Therefore, in some years, due to a meaningful growth of the event, the number of athletes got onto limited to 1200, granting its quality and the participants’ security.

In 2008 the Mountain Do Costão do Santinho was created with a relay race that got onto individual in 2013, and in 2010 has arise the Mountain Do Circuito de Charme, presenting individual races in Campos do Jordão-SP, Canela-RS and Praia do Rosa-SC. In 2015 Mountain Do arrived in one of the most beautiful place in Brazil: Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha.

The most recent launching Mountain Do was across the ocean, in the Sahara Desert, in Marocco, that brought more success and visibility to the brand.

The distinguishing thing about the Mountain Do is its alignment with the principles of sustainability, which worries about nature’s preservation and conservation of the localities where the races take place. Besides, the event intent to integrate the local community, creating income opportunities to the population through commerce and caregiver, in a way that values and protects the environment.

It’s a big challenge that involves nature, health, partnership and adventure!